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    Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
    DarkDoom. Props man. This game is amazing! Maybe this is the way pokemon should have been >_> I really wish I could make a game as great as yours without having to use the firered engine. How did you learn to do all this stuff?
    thanks :D,
    I'm using RPG Maker 2003 to make the game, It's a WYSIWYG game engine. It's pretty flexable on most stuff.

    Originally Posted by Forbidden1 View Post
    i enjoyed every minute of the game so far =D nothin to do after necro :P
    Thanks, always nice to see people liking it- yeah, that's where v0.23 ends, You can go to amplus city, but that's not fully completed(in demo).


    Ive finished up on the Iron Fist dojo and the amplus gym.
    Heres some screenshots. (because textual updates are boring :P)

    I've also updated the way you use the player house to move between cities, instead of showing you options of cities, it shows you a world map, and you can go to any city where you've bought a house.

    Im gonna start mapping the forest i was talking about earlier. It's actually 2 forest, Luna and Sola Forest. But they both lie in the same space. Both have route 8 on the west, and route 7 on the east.

    Heres the thing. Luna Forest can only be accessed at night. Sola forest can only be accessed at day. Mors Village is north of the forest- but it can only be accessed from the luna forest.

    Yeah- but SPEE doesn't have a Day/night cycle(and it still won't). Ill explain it once i get it completed more.

    Even with uni work, I'm still on schedule. Next demo in the next few weeks- By this weekend if im luckly.
    Version 0.753 is out
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