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    Chapter 5

    Five hours later after visiting the pokemon center to get their pokemon healed, Black Jack and the vice-gym leader Cassandra went to the Rustboro City gym. Inside the gym, a large number of audience members, mostly children, were there to gave a cheer when the two trainers came out together. Roxanne was part of the audience as well.

    So, Black Jack, Cassandra said. Are you ready for this?
    I think you already know the answer, Black Jack replied. How many pokemon well be using?
    Three-on-three will be fine.
    Alright then.

    I wish Seed was here to see this, hed enjoy watching this, Cassandra sadly thought. But she spotted Seed as part of the audience. Seed gave her nod, motioning that he was very proud of her. Cassandra smiled back in response.

    Ill pick first, Black Jack said. Go Metagross!

    Metagross popped out of his pokeball and yelled out his battlecry.

    A Metagross? I never seen that pokemon before, Cassandra said.
    Why am I not surprised? Black Jack asked. Even Gym leaders have things to learn, even when theyre the best ones.
    Hmm, I must choose carefully, thought Cassandra.
    Come on, Black Jack said. Choose one your pokemon.
    Magneton! Cassandra yelled. I choose you!

    Magneton popped out of its pokeball.

    Magneton! Attack! Cassandra ordered. Thunderbolt!
    Metagross! Psybeam attack! Black Jack ordered.

    Magneton charged up its electric powers and shot the attack, while Metagross effortlessly shot out two Psybeams out of its eyes. One of Metagross psybeams collided with Magnetons Thunderbolt while the other hit Magneton!

    Magenton shook away the dizziness that it took from Metagross psybeam. Magenton, Cassandra called. Are you okay?

    Magneton nodded in reply. Okay, Cassandra thought. I must try something else.

    Magenton, Cassandra yelled out. Tackle attack!

    Magneton flew down at Metagross, but neither Black Jack nor Metagross were responding to that attack.

    Magneton rammed into Metagross, but to everyones surprise, neither of them were fazed or hurt.

    So, Metagross a steel type as well, Cassandra thought. I got to think of another strategy in order to win.

    Metagross! Black Jack shouted. Tackle attack!

    Metagross leapt into the air and gave Magenton a tackle attack, only its more powerful than Magentons. Magneton fell to the floor hard, but its still able to battle after it quickly picked itself up.

    Metagross! Black Jack shouted. Tackle again!

    Magenton! Use Thunderbolt! Cassandra commanded.

    Magneton used Thunderbolt on Metagross and it took damage. But that didnt stop Metagross from tackling Magneton about. Now, Metagross! Black Jack commanded as Magenton was knocked down. Stomp it now!

    Magneton lifted up one of its front legs and stomped Magneton through the ground, knocking it out. Cassandra became shocked of what she saw. She called back her defeated Pokemon. Its okay, she said. You did youre best.

    She picked out another pokeball. Go, Absol!

    Absol came out of her pokeball. An Absol? Black Jack asked in a confused tone. Why use that?

    Absol! Cassandra shouted. Flamethrower attack!

    Absol shot out her flamethrower. The attack was too quick for both Metagross and Black Jack to react as it hit Metagross, knocking him out.

    Shoot! said Black Jack, cursing himself for underestimating Absol. He called back his pokemon. Nicely done, Black Jack said. Not only that were even here, but you took out one of my best pokemon as well.

    Black Jack picked out another pokeball. Go! Salamence!

    Salamence gave out a loud roar, as it prepared itself for battle. Salamence! Black Jack shouted. Fly attack!

    Salamence flew high up in the air and then dived down at Absol. Luckily, she jumped out of the way. Good dodging, Absol, Cassandra said. Tackle it back!

    Absol leapt into the air and hit Salamence with her tackle attack. Nice move, Black Jack thought. Even though shes a kid, she battles like a pro. But she still has a long way to go to beat me.

    Absol and Salamence kept on exchanging blows on their trainers commands. Both pokemon became spent as they breathed heavily.

    Its nearly out, Absol! Cassandra shouted. Finish him off with Sword Dance and Take Down attack!

    Absol spun around to perform her sword dance and then ran at Salamence. He and Black Jack stood their ground, waiting for Absol to hit the move.

    You got them now! Cassandra shouted.
    Salamence! Counter now! Black Jack commanded.

    Salamence lifted up his front legs, grabbed Absol and quickly, using Absols strength speed and strength against her, threw her over his head! Absol landed on her back.

    I never seen that before, shouted one of the audience in amazement.
    How did he do that? Cassandra asked herself aloud.
    Im no magician, Black Jack replied. But I never reveal my secrets. Now Salamence! Hyper Beam attack!

    Salamence quickly shot out a powerful Hyper Beam at the weakened Absol, knocking her out. She was no longer able to battle. Cassandra called her pokemon back and sent out her Gardevior.

    Hmm Black Jack murmured. Salamence return. Youre doing good, take a breather.

    Salamence returned to its pokeball. Nidoking! Black Jack shouted. Your turn.

    Nidoking popped out of his pokeball and gave a loud roar. Both pokemon stood tall for battle. Why would Black Jack use Nidoking? Cassandra thought. He should know that a poison type like Nidoking wouldnt stand up against Psychic attacks.

    Nidoking, Black Jack shouted. Tackle attack!

    Nidoking charged at Gardevior, but she countered it by using her Psychic blast, which blew Nidoking away. Normally, an average poison type would give up against Psychic types, Black Jack thought. But Nidoking is an exception. Hes as tough as I am.

    From that point on, each time Nidoking used any attack, Gardevior kept on countering that move with psychic attacks. And each time Nidoking gets hit, he kept on getting back up. And Black Jack was still confident about the situation.

    Whats going on? Cassandra thought. Nidoking shouldve been down and out by now.

    Nidoking was being battered, bruised and weakened, but he just wont stay down. Suddenly, Black Jack felt that anger ignited inside Nidoking as he gave a loud roar. Youre in for it now, kid! Black Jack warned. Nidoking! Rage and Thrash attack now!

    Gardevior! Cassandra shouted. Psychic attack.

    Gardevior used her Psychic attack to hurt Nidoking, but he never felt Gardeviors attack as he ran and tackled her like a madman. When she got caught, he started pummelling her like a punching bag, ending the attack by giving her a Mega Punch to finish her off. GARDEVIOR! NO! Cassandra cried as she saw Nidoking giving Gardevior one heavy punch to the face.

    As Gardevior lay there, everyone thought that she was defeated. To everyones shock, Gardevior slowly picked herself up. Even Black Jack was shocked.

    Nidoking! Black Jack shouted. Grab Gardeviors neck.
    Gardevior! Cassandra warned as Nidoking was walking up to Gardevior. Look out!

    But Gardevior was too dizzy to concentrate as she turned round, only to get caught in the neck by Nidokings claws. Slam her now! Black Jack ordered.

    Nidoking, still having the anger inside him, slammed her. The impact was so hard that it sounded like a rock breaking into pieces.

    Gardevior, feeling rather weak, feeling that every part of her body was killing her, still wouldnt quit as she slowly picked herself up again. Seeing that, everyone was shocked. Not wanting to see her Gardevior get hurt anymore, Cassandra ran to protect her from Nidoking. Enough! she yelled. I surrender

    Thats enough now, Nidoking, Black Jack said. He then turned to Cassandra. Nice timing, kid. Youre not a bad trainer after all.
    Youve beaten me, Black Jack, Cassandra said in a defeated tone. She turned to the audience. Im sorry, everybody

    But, apart from getting boos, the audience gave a standing ovation to both Black Jack and Cassandra. They like you, kid, Black Jack said.

    Roxanne came down to the battlefield and congratulated the two trainers. Even though a loss is a loss, Roxanne said. You battled very well, and Im very proud of you.

    For the past several months, you have been uncompassionate to those around you, but Black Jack showed that everyone needs compassion for their pokemon. He also helped you to show everyone that youre not a bad person anymore.
    Actually, Black Jack replied. We were finishing off what we started the other day. And judging from your Gardeviors face, Cassandra, this battle has not ended yet. Might as well leave it for another time.

    Black Jack called back his Nidoking and congratulated it. He was about to leave the gym, but Cassandra called him back. Wait, Black Jack. What about the badge?

    She showed him the Stone Badge. If you take this, she said. Itll take you one step closer to the Hoenn League.
    But Ive already got eight different Hoenn League gym badges, Black Jack. A long time ago.
    Take it, a badge is a badge. Just a reminder of our battle.

    Black Jack took the Stone badge and was about to leave but Cassandra stopped him again. Black Jack!
    Yeah? Black Jack replied.
    Dont tell Gardevior about it. Shell get mad at me.

    Black Jack gave a small laugh as he left the Rustboro gym and the city itself.

    Elsewhere, not far from the gym, Seed was standing on a lamppost, thinking some deep thoughts as he looked at Black Jack riding his motorcycle. Black Jack is quite an extraordinary individual, he said to himself.

    Next episode: Black Jack meets an old acquaintance from his Team Rocket days, and its not just anyone
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