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    Originally Posted by Sage Harpuia View Post
    Oh dear god-withney's milktank

    Moving on, the idea of different warp in night is awesome. Also I like that you are adding small particulares, like the map for house swithcing: they makes me think that you are putting a lot of effort in and so the quality of the game will always amaze me.

    @anugrah6: if you remember what M said you before sending you to necro's domain, and look in your bag for a 2 particular item type and you use one of the first type, you will kill his last form in no time (I love puzzling answer...)
    I beat her Miltank in 2 turns on HeartGold a month or so ago on my first try facing her. I was pretty proud haha. I've realized they make a way for you to defeat each gym leader [normally a common Pokemon found outside the town, or a trainer in the town that will trade you a Pokemon for a common Pokemon found outside the town. It was the second situation in Whitney's case] in each town, you just have to figure it out before you face them. Whitney was a breeze once I figured out how to own the Miltank :D

    Yet, I still shivered when I saw her in THIS game lol. The childhood trauma just never fades away lmao.

    I like the idea of the forest changing depending on time of day too, but what if you're in Mors Village, save, and come back to play during the day? o_o;;; lol
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