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    Good News: I've fixed the sizes for most of the maps in Ga;a region, by which I mean they aren't so overly spacious anymore.

    Better News: Whatever was wrong with the game file is somehow fixed now, so the Playtest is working again.

    The Bad News: Some new error popped up, and now I can't get out of the first town =_=. Also, I still need a scripter lol. Note to all reading and planning on making a game: the team recruitment thread isn't very plentiful on scripters, just sayin' ;;;.

    I'll try and get this new error fixed, and once I get SOMETHING significant evented, I'll get some screenshots up. Can't say exactly when that'll be, but I AM actually working here, even though I haven't updated much recently, it's only because I'm trying to figure out these errors that keep coming up.
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