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    Doesn't look like a HG/SS hack to me, more like a game programmed from scratch (perhaps using a program like RPG Maker or Game Maker).

    If you look carefully, it doesn't appear to be actual 3D, but rather 'mode 7'. If you look at the night-time screen of Rustboro (3rd one on the right), the two buildings at the bottom don't have any perspective. The bottom one is just zoomed in a bit more than the top one; they're both sprites, not 3D models.

    That's some of the most impressive mode 7 work I've seen so far, though.

    EDIT: It being French and having a dual-screen system reminded me of the Pokémon Script Project for RMXP. Checking on their forum, turns out I was correct: here's the thread. The screenshots in the thread don't appear to have been updated for a while, though.
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