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    Originally Posted by Freak A View Post
    ummm since im the oldest member can i volenteer even though i dont think i deserve the leadership after how i kept disappearing in many months, but just thinkin of makin a game again gives me some hope tht im still in so thts why im self volenteering but not hoping u shud give it to me. i could be a temporary leader until u find someone else cuz u cant trust me with responsibility i think.

    Edit: sorry bout the spelling mistakes i was typing quite fast
    errr.. no. Sorry, but no. The fact that you're not really available to merely talk about the story anymore doesn't seem to help the situation. D: Sorry, Freak.
    Either way, I've found someone totally capable of doing the job.. they actually make fakemon too, and have worked with RPGXP for a couple years.

    Also, I'm going to have Computer Programming class this year(but it will be C++ language, I think.) it could help, though.

    Sad thing is, RPGXP for some reason reverted to trial mode.. I think I'm going to hand it over to that person now..
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