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    Thank you. That makes me very happy to hear. ^^



    Kj - Cell Shading attempt: Here's that colored Kj'kun I promised. I usually don't do cell shading (as I find it extremely difficult and time-consuming), but I figured I'd give it a try on this picture. I didn't use cell shading on the hair highlight or the claws, though that is pretty common in anime nowadays. I really wanted to make the claws look cooler and more icy, but I'm not that advanced as a graphic artist.

    For those of you who haven't been formally introduced to Kj, let me give you a breif bio. Kj (Kahj) comes from a tribe of Neko (cat) people and was born with the power of ice. For example, he can freeze moisture in the air in order to cloak his body in an icy mirror-like down (making him invisible), hide his scent, or form icy combat tools such as a large pair of claws. Technically, he's a snow leopard. He has silvery-white hair, red eyes, and fairly pale skin. The black markings on the sides of his face are hereditary, though the design on his arm is a tattoo. He's about 19-20 years old. He dislikes loud noises. He likes fish. He dislikes romance. He likes fish.

    Kj'kun actually has 2 different stories. In one, he's born into a family of royalty and raised by his sister. He's eventually called to duty and dies, but gets resurrected. In another story, he lost his family in a fire when he was young. He grows up with a human girl named Uae (created by Caitlin-Massacre) and eventually falls for her (though he was in denial about it for a long time). They eventually have 3 children: Shuu'ta (a fire-elemental halfbreed), Mj'noh (an ice-elemental halfbreed), and Xane (a light-elemental halfbreed capable of transforming into a cat).

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