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    Should you write for your own sake or for the amusement of your prospective readers?

    I've been wondering, as of late, on whether or not I've been going around this whole fiction thing the wrong way. When I first started writing fics, I wrote them for myself because I enjoyed them, and also because I wanted other people to enjoy them too. Now, I question on whether or not this strategy works very well or not considering the fact that what I consider to be interesting may not also be interesting to other people. I'm of course referring to the old saying in the fanfic biz that goes,

    "Write what you want to write." or some derirative of that.

    I first started wondering this when I wrote my latest parody fic. Of course, when writing a parody, you have to make jokes that are enjoyable and can be easily understood. This inherently entails taking the reader into consideration because I can't neccesarily assume that what I find funny would be funny to other people.

    Case in Point: [May contain slightly offensive language]

    Then, this led me to wonder if this theory could/should be applied to my other fics.

    So, tl;dr: As a fanfiction writer, should you write what you want to write or should you write that which some people might find amusing?

    That's not to say that taking into consideration your potential readers would lessen the enjoyment of writing, no. It would just require a bit more effort on the writer's part and may stifle creativity a bit. Personally, I'm leaning towards writing for the reader's sake, but I want to see what you guys think or maybe get some advice on which way I should go. Remember that I'm applying this to non-comedy fics too.
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