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    Yeah, I got kinda sidetracked, sorry... XD

    In comedy, it's important to have accessible jokes so that others find it funny; that is, if you even intend on putting the comedy up to other people at all. If you're writing personally, not showing your work to anybody, then you can totally include that absolutely HILARIOUS dancing purple sock song you made when you were seven. But if you do intend for your comedy to be read by others, be it from being posted on the Internet or just handed to your friend by manuscript, they expect humor that they can appreciate. If they don't appreciate the dancing purple sock song or what have ye, then the entire purpose of the story is lost.

    The previous paragraph pertains to humor, but for everything else - well, I can best understand it as writing fads or things that you know are popular as opposed to things you will like, sacrificing the latter for the former. In that case, you may want to go hand a heavy book to somebody and tell them to throw it at you. If you don't like your subject matter or your writing style or whatever, then it will be obvious in your writing, and it will stink - and you won't even have the ability to have fun with it despite the fact that it stinks, because you will not be at all interested in it. It will mean nothing to you past the vague thought that, "Oh, look, I wrote this." You will be writing things that you, the writer, aren't a fan of solely for the purpose of entertaining others. And frankly, nobody will be entertained by that.

    It comes down to you - write what you like, and if you feel that you should censor or modify it to amuse the readers more, do that. Personally, I'll only do it if the stuff in question will be appreciated by nobody other than me, such as a personal in-joke. Then it would have no business being public.
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