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Intresting, Horn Drill...I will have to buy tons of revive...$
Anyway answer time
1-squaresoft hasn't used it for a lot of succesful games just for fun...
2-eevee lv22, charmeleon lv21, pidgeottolv20, zubat lv19(but I plan to substitute it with chikorita)
3-I used all a lot except espeon, but only because it's just arrived (I have one in soulsilver and is a beast)

On the difficulty matter, I agree with DaVici and especially save your sadistic sense for the legendaries.
On the eeveelotion, any solution to me is ok, but I want to remember you that vaporeon learn ice move so it could override glaceon...
A, and I have a question; you said that we will be able to obtain I-IIgen pokemon; so pokemon like togetic will evolve in togekiss?

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