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    Combusken: I always need mapping done :) I'd love getting help with mapping. You can start with the route leading from the first cave to the 3rd town. I'll post up the current version of the town map to show you the general layout and design of the route. It's embarrassing that it's still unfinished. ^_^' The route will the the one circled and I'd imagine it's fairly rocky, but besides that, feel free to have fun with it. :)


    Karel: 1) has been fixed for a long time. 2)Floating? I don't know what you mean by floating. There's several trainers *in* the grass. So really, I don't know to which screenshot you're talking about.

    Today's Update: I finally can get to work on Glass today since I'm not expected to do anything today. About time. I also did some slight work on the town map...I think it's okay...

    Okay, I fixed Rustaria Town to fit the town map. I'm contemplating moving everything down so I can expand into the northern area of the map. :D But I still have a lot of things still needing to be done even outside the mapping. I have one more plot-related event and it's a fairly major one. How could I ever forget that I still have that event left to do?! >_<

    So yeah, one large plot-based plot and *then* I have to do the minor NPCs in the town before starting mapping the next route. -_- I'd give the next route and the cave to Karel but I already drew out the cave on graph paper in my free time... XD so yeah. got a lot left to do. Take your time with your route, Karel. :)

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