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1- How do you feel about the battle system?
I like it. It's simple, yet effective. I think it's right for this game, personally.

2- What level are you at the end of the demo?
Lv. 25 Vaporeon, Lv. 23 Butterfree, Lv. 23 Charmeleon, Lv. 22 Golbat.

3- Which form of eevee do you use less. (besides eevee itself) Eevee is the form I use least, but other then that, Flareon. Haven't needed a reason to use it. (I don't even think I used it against Bugsy, though that was an accident.)

Yeah, you don't have to make it tougher before Necro, because that is the beginning of the game, and all, but yeah, try to make it tougher afterwards.
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