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    Well, looks like I'm going to be the first to rate P:
    Reviewed Map:
    Originally Posted by Luck View Post
    I'll take this.

    Map Name: Desert Pass

    Map Game: Firered.

    Comments: This was a recently desertified area, explaining why there is so much grass. I made this a while ago so I already know what's wrong with most of the map, but pointers would be appreciated.
    Review: As always, the mountain structure is very nice, though you could've added a tad bit more on the top right and bottom right corners. I like how you laid out the grass and the little shoots in the sand. Also, I think I noticed a tile error near the bottom left, where the grass patch is. Try and spot it o; 9/10
    Suggestions: Just take care of that little tile error. Some things I've mentioned above. Nothing more actually.