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    Originally Posted by Me on another forum
    OH MY GOD!!!!

    At 8:33 PM (20h33) on my LeafGreen, on this day, July 23rd, 2010...


    I saw it in the shadows, I saw it scrolling across the screen...I've seen everything! Oh my good, it is beautiful!

    I have put up the Help Menu so that I can truly savor this moment...oh my god, it is amazing! It is here, after 11,210 encounters between my FireRed and LeafGreen version. On my both games, I have been encountering Pokemon on Route 8!!!!

    Even though I will be able to see the shine whenever I want, I will not be able to make a video of the capture. You see, my parents have left the house to go on a short vacation, and they took both cameras with them, so I am left with nothiing. However, fear not, for I will record the capture with words!

    Okay, here we go...I just pressed R to take of the Help Screen...

    OH MY LORD! IT IS TO BEAUTIFUL!!! SHINY VULPIXXXX YESSS :love: :love: :love: :love:

    It is a female, and it is at level 16...I send out my Electrode with Soundproof. I have absolutely no fear of the Vulpix using Roar.

    Turn 1: Electrode uses Taunt. The Vulpix tries to use Tail Whip, but it does not work.
    Turn 2: The Vulpix uses Quick Attack. Electrode uses Sonic Boom.
    Turn 3: Electrode uses Thunder Wave. The Vulpix uses Tail Whip

    I am now ready to capture the Vulpix...but I have no idea what ball to use! It will surely evolve, but what ball matches well with shiny Ninetales? Bah, I do not care! I will use...a Dive Ball!

    1 shake...2 shakes...3...


    Shiny Vulpix is mine. After 11,210 is mine...

    *saves the game three times*

    Okay, now I will tell you all the information about it. Like I said, it is female and at level 16. The nature is Calm, which is not the best for Vulpix, but it is quite usable, and I am otherwise content with it. The ability is Flash Fire, naturally, and here are its stats:

    HP: 39
    Attack: 19
    Defense: 20
    Sp. Atk: 21
    Sp. Def: 30
    Speed: 30

    The moves it knows are Ember, Tial Whip, Roar, and Quick Attack.

    And belongs to me...the magnitude of this capture is absolutely mind-boggling, I cannot even put it into words. When I saw it, my soul was shaken, my heartbeat was temporarily halted and all my thoughts were erased. I could not concentrate on anything except for what was before me...I have no idea how I manage to get the help menu up in time!

    More importantly, Ninetales is my last dream shiny on my shiny card. It was the last one I needed, and I have wanted this shiny forever and ever, and I feel as though I have accomplished a major goal in my shiny hunting career. I truly could not feel more elated at this moment!!!!

    I captured the shiny about 8 minutes ago, and I cannot stop looking at it...finally, IT IS MINE!!!! AND I AM IN ABSOLUTE BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So yeah guys...I got a shiny Vulpix last night. I captured it in a Dive Ball, and I'm very glad that I did so now because it actually looks pretty decent with shiny Ninetales. Here are its IVs: 10 / 30 / 18 / 2 / 15 / 29

    This shiny Vulpix is incredibly important to me. You see, long ago, my brother captured a shiny Vulpix. Like the one I got yesterday, his shiny Vulpix had a Calm nature as well, and my brother cherished that shiny like no other. However, the LG on which he caught his shiny Vulpix had the data wiped accidentally, and my brother was quite saddened by the event. I felt sorry for him, too, because Ninetales was his absolute favorite shiny.

    Now, you don't have to tell me that it's pure coincidence that my shiny Vulpix and his shiny Vulpix had the same nature, but still...there's a certain nostalgia behind that fact, and I'm very glad that Vulpix was the Pokemon that decided to shine for me on Route 8. And I'm also glad it took 11,210 encounters to appear because I really did work for this shiny!

    So for now, I'm back to encountering for Bagon/Swablu on Ruby while I reset for Heatran on Pearl...who, by the way, I have 22,840 soft resets for =/ I don't know what it is, but it seems like I have incredible luck on my OTHER games whenever I'm SRing for Heatran! Perhaps I should try SRing only for Heatran some time, lol.

    Congratulations on the new shinies everyone, and good luck to all of you! Just out of curiosity, have the Black and White sprites been ripped yet?

    Oh yeah, since I have absolutely no new targets to hunt for on my SoulSilver versions now, I have decided to put both of them in the position to SR for Entei and Raikou. I plan on doing ten resets a day starting on August 2nd. As such, I'll have to play through my second SS a bit today in order to have my self completely prepared (ie. beating all the trainers on certain routes so that I don't have to worry about running into them) among other things. Now I've had quick hunts before, but I've had long ones as well...and I'm just hoping, PRAYING, really, that Entei or Raikou (though I'd prefer Entei) shines quickly for me.

    You know what? I see absolutely no reason as to why I can't begin doing my 10 SRs for Entei a day...well, today! So that's exactly what I shall do. I did two SRs for it yesterday, so by the end of today I'll have 12 SRs for it. I haven't really done much other hunting today because I don't feel particularly motivated at the time...but like I've said before, I'm almost positive that it's temporary

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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