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Originally Posted by Mr.Silver
Map name: Route 57 North
Game: Firered
Comments: The inspiration of this place is like a cave near my Grandads home, which has a "cave" in the forest that my friends used to explore. Also I realise that there maybe some errors left, even after i went over it.
Review: Your ideas in this map are solid and I think that you have done fine in making a Gym Route, but there are some technical issues which don't allow this map to reach its full potential. You have a tree tiling errors all over the map, so I'd strongly suggest learning how to properly use them. Your flower placement is also all over the place and doesn't really show any coherence or thought. The one thing that bugs me most about this map, however, is the preveilance of one-tile paths which are centered around you ledges and small trees. They really restrict the player's movement and make the map seem cramped and poorly planned.

Suggestions: As I said in my review, you should work on your tree tiling, flower placement and make an effort to allow the player a greater sense of mobility. May I suggest that you also add in some dirt paths or something - It will make the map look much nicer, and will also give the player a break from walking into the grass every two or three steps.

This is a nice map, but I feel as if it can be better :D