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Holy cow. I've playtested it 'till Ventus (before Gym), And I must say that I love it. However, I noticed some quirks:
-Form Ventus homebase, I can go to Aurum and Ventus. But I can't "go" to Aurum via Aurum. But this is early Beta. What can I say?
-It seems that Oak's Quests has yet to be fully coded, yes?
-That jerk professor should have a change of dialog after you got an Eeevee. It really sounds awkward. And he didn't even notice that I "borrowed" his RNA distiller.

I really love the GSC Graphics (I'm kinda bored with 3rd and 4th Generation's but I can't bear to take a look on 1st anymore). And please finish this freaking awesome piece of art, Picasso sir.
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