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Wow, Volkner's voice is hot

- Volkner's *never* been defeated? o.O Everyone at the league just got their badge for free D:
- It still makes me laugh that Paul said "legit"
- Eww, sandles
- Wow, Volkner's voice is hot
- Huh, so Volkner's been wearing the same clothes since he was 10
- Whoaaa, Volkner asked to be punched! Surprisingly violent for Pokemon XD Although, nothing happened
- Where's Volkner's drink?
- Oh, OK
- Volkner's how we're all feeling...
- WHOAAAAAAA Volkner is TALL!!

Music kept: (5)

Music at the start
Rowan's theme
DPPt Gym theme
Chiisaki Mono ~Komomori Uta~
Satoshi's Battle Decision
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