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Originally Posted by DaVici View Post
I love the puzzle (altough it's not that difficult that you need a walktrough XD)
great idea to implement the day-night thingy there.

Will there be pokemon in XxLionheartxX' domain, or glitchy errors like in necro's domain?

mfg DaVici
From past experience ive found out some people will give up on a puzzle really easily- Yeah, there will be glitch pokemon in lions domain aswell. ground type though.

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Is the Unkown suppose to spell ut "KILL" Or is it random
Yeah, that's on purpose you find a bunch of word groups in the connecting tunnles,; cool, dude, kill, boss. No real reason, just thought it would be amusing. -Actually. this has just given me an idea for an optional puzzle.

Originally Posted by dead-man-walking View Post
Holy cow. I've playtested it 'till Ventus (before Gym), And I must say that I love it. However, I noticed some quirks:
-Form Ventus homebase, I can go to Aurum and Ventus. But I can't "go" to Aurum via Aurum. But this is early Beta. What can I say?
-It seems that Oak's Quests has yet to be fully coded, yes?
-That jerk professor should have a change of dialog after you got an Eeevee. It really sounds awkward. And he didn't even notice that I "borrowed" his RNA distiller.
Thanks :)
1) Yeah, that's fixed now, instead of cycling through the city choices, you are presented with a map- and you choose the location.
2) The oak quest is indeed half finished, I just happened to forget about it.
It's fixed now, he gives you a bitter berry, which is used to catch hiding pokemon in v0.24. Don't worry, if you've already finished the quest, you'll automatically get the item.
3) Hmm, I've gone along and modified some of his dialouge.
I really love the GSC Graphics (I'm kinda bored with 3rd and 4th Generation's but I can't bear to take a look on 1st anymore). And please finish this freaking awesome piece of art, Picasso sir.
Wow, thanks. that's high praise! Yeah, with all the games looking the same, i thought doing something graphically different might catch peoples attention.


<small update today...>


Ive added in Natu and Chikorita in sola forest, they will join your team at lv 17 and 18. Now i have to add in houndour and hoothoot in luna forest. I also need to add poliwag in route 4(which i forgot to add in v0.23). Ill try add in a cuebone and ghastly too, but no promises.

I've also added in...Rare Candies. Yay...

v0.24 Progress- 78%


Just shows you how much of the region will be avalible as of 0.24.
According to this... Im at around 50% of the region :O.


From the looks of things... I'll be having a serious pacing problem around the pokemon leauge.

On one hand you are about to try and become champion. on the other hand, You're gonna have to fight "XDR".. the Master of the AIs.

I will probably make it that you will fight XDR right after the battle against the pokemon champion. OR that XDR is the final battle of the pokemon leauge
.................which would only be the end of the first chapter.

Or maybe I'll just postpone the pokemon leauge until a later time (start of chapter 2, or after the end of chapter 3)

Another problem is the region. I don't know where Chapter 2 is going to take place. Making another full fledged region seems too much work(and too time consuming)

Chapter 1- Defeat the AIs - First Region
Chapter 2- Finding Red and XDR - ?
Chapter 3- The Final Showdown - Upper Coding <spoiler> the world would be destroied, so the final chapter takes place entirely in the code world.

I could make it a small region, like the sevii islands or something.
Or maybe a mix of a small new region, the old region, the code world, and the Gen3 world(as you see while talking to M for the first time).

Meh. Ill decide when I get there.
Version 0.753 is out
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