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    Pave Low, you'll have to go to someone who is good with digital animation or artwork to a get a shiny card. The club shiny cards are no longer made. And you'll also have to wait until a co-owner officially admits you in to be a full member of the club, but you can continue to post here if you like.

    At 6:38 PM while watching an episode of The Office on the internet...a shiny Solrock appeared on my Ruby version! I was able to tell it was shiny while it was scrolling across the screen, and I even got to see the initial sparkles. However, the sound was off, so I didn't hear anything. It appeared after only 3095 encounters.

    I just caught it in a Premier Ball, and it has a Lonely nature. Ah well, it's least it's better than my Naive natured Solrock from earlier.

    To be completely honest, I'm slightly disappointed that I got another shiny Solrock instead of Bagon. I mean, they both have a 25% chance of appearing in Meteor Falls...and Lonely would have been an excellent nature for a shiny Bagon, too. Bah, I can't complain, though! A shiny is a shiny, and I'm super lucky to have it appear so quickly after my shiny Vulpix, so I should be thankful.

    And whaddaya know, it appeared while I was SRing for Heatran on Pearl. >_< Something's telling me that the shiny gods REALLY don't want me to get a shiny Heatran, lol.

    I'm gonna continue encountering for a shiny Bagon, and I hope it appears this time....though, to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up getting a shiny Golbat! Good luck everybody.

    Oh yeah, this is my seventh shiny this about lucky, huh? *throws luck out to everyone*

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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