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    Originally Posted by Surge360 View Post
    I just downloaded this hack and I love it so far. But one thing I wanted to point out. When I get the pokeballs from the aid it says PokeBallS instead of PokeBalls. I'm not trying to be nit picky or anything I just thought I should point it out

    ALright I have beaten the second gym but i'm stumped on were to go =/
    After that just head east to Carolina City.

    Originally Posted by Fire Wolf View Post
    FireShock, this is an amazing hack to say the least. Have you done everything solo? If so, you're a great hacker. I just defeated the third gym in Carolina. Oh and, I saw a typo. In Carolina Port, you say "That Oymanite" when it should be "That Omanyte".
    How many cities/places are there in the beta?
    Anything that isn't listed in the credits is done by myself. Thanks for pointing that out and the end city is Carolina City, but if you just beat the third gym you can go back to the Cerise Forest for something extra.

    Just to let everybody know beta two should be out sometime in August and I should have some screen shots of it soon.
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