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    Great program! It's only Move Editor that works on my computer.
    Thank you.

    I downloaded the V.1.02 and I'm very satisfied with it. Great job, congratulations!

    Do you have any idea when will the V1.03 available? (I'm looking forward to edit contest data )

    Thanks :D
    I'll try to stop being lazy and do it this week.

    This looks awesomesauce on a bun,hun....But does this mean i can now turn "Screech" into "Schrei" for my ROM? Or does it just give you the ability to modify Egg moves?
    You can change the name of the move among other things, yes. I have a separate program that edits egg moves.

    This Attack editor is so much better than the one i use to use, It actually tells you all the moves and their effects!
    Thank you.

    Why your tool doesn't change the compatibility of the moves with the pokèmon? I have changed a move with LEAF BLADE and is now compatible with ELECTRODE...
    Because what moves a pokemon learns by level and TM is stored with the pokemon data, not the attack data. There's already plenty of programs that can edit such data completely, so I see no need to make my own. As XElectro said, YAPE is a good one to use.

    I like the program, but am, afraid to make any massive changes that would mess up the animations.
    Don't worry, nothing you can change with this program will mess up the animations. But as always, please back up your rom before editing, just in case.
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