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Originally Posted by Chonlel48 View Post
My map.
Map Name: Industrya City. If the first word is translated from Filipino, it means Industry City.

Map Game: FireRed

Comments: This is my first complete map in a couple years. I made it to see what I can still create after losing an interest in ROM hacking and Pokemon in general for an extended period of time. I am also aware of tile errors with a certain fence block. People are located in majority of the more open spaces of the map. I am brutally honest with my opinions, and I expect the same to be returned to me. Please take these things in account while rating.

Map Shot:
Review: I'm not sure about this map - While it is obviously meant to be a city, it simply doesn't live up to its lofty ambitions. While a large industrial city should be spread out over a large area (Like you have done) the distance between most of the buildings is gigantic, making it look like a deserted ghost town rather than a utopia of thriving enterprises and squashed inner-city living. It also lacks any logical sense so the town planner should be fired or something as there are no streets, blocks etc making the city a random collection of buildings rather than being designed off a well thought out plan with blueprints and shizz.

The building shadowos are technically incorrect according to actual maps, but they look kinda' alright, so I'll let it slide. The tree shadowing, however is incorrect at the edges, and that's something that I just can't budge on :x

I'd have to agree with Destiny Demon and question your use of the gatehouses when the player can simply pass through.

Suggestions: More buildings and a less randomised planning structure are probably the most important things you should add to this map. Make the gathouses mandatory or drop them. Fill up all of that empty space and don't be afraid to add a a small park or something! :D