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    Originally Posted by XmasterchiefX View Post
    Dude, the game is awesome, I just beat it twice cuz it is very cool and fun :D

    1- How do you feel about the battle system?
    It is very cool that you can use up to four pokemon and battle up to three enemies

    2- What level are you at the end of the demo?
    Eevee/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Flareon/Espeon Lvl 31
    Charmeleon Lvl 29
    Graveler Lvl 28
    Croconaw Lvl 26

    3- Which form of eevee do you use less. (besides eevee itself)
    Well, I used all of them but used more Flareon, so no one :D

    Waiting for the next beta man, keep up the good work!!

    Suggestion: maybe at the update you could make another academy, like the one on Ventus but obviously harder, and the leader gives you a dratini, larvitar, or bagon (as there are wurmple and dustox)
    Wow, you beat it twice!?
    Ill probably keep all the ubers at hard dungeons- That said, I don't want to have to wait til the end of the game to get em, I'll make majority of the pokemon avalible once chapter1 is finished.

    Originally Posted by Sage Harpuia View Post
    The update are cool as always; on the story, I like it a lot (I couldn't resist to a spoiler...); for the second region I like to your idea of a small region with part in FR/LG tiles, like a work in progress...
    Yeah, that's probably the best move. I really don't want to make another whole region.

    Originally Posted by ninjatommy21 View Post
    i like the eevee and how it can evolve and devolve not bad
    Thanks :)


    Progress has been sorta slow due to school. :/
    Most of the work has been background stuff. I did program in
    Ferreus Town.(latin for hard). It will be avalible in the demo, but the gym will be closed.

    v0.24 Demo Progress = 85%

    Version 0.753 is out
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