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    Originally Posted by Karel_Kazuki View Post
    So, Its in the same Category as Spiritomb/Sableye(No Weakness)?
    Also I think It should have some Existing Pokemon in there as well,If you're to have preevos in the game.

    BTW I think Charcard's Name would be better As Chardinal
    Its just my Opinion though.
    Exactly, but the clear weakness will be between it and the trainer. Lol so by it not listening to you which may be from bad training it could quite possibley get its ass knocked off in every battle lol which is the effect I'm going for. Then again it could be the other way around.

    BTW I like the name change, we'll use it.
    Originally Posted by CUTEPICHU View Post
    That thing is cute but spooky as ever XD They you said it everyoe who plays the game should give this little guy a chance lol But it would be cool if only some players can make it out to be good pokemon. Kinda like making it a CHANCE that you'll get the competitive strong pokemon to come out in MICHIYAMI lol idk XD

    BAsically saying make it to where say I may not be able to turn a MICHIYAMI I have into a good pokemon to use but like maybe AceDragonite or Karel_Kazuki got lucky and their MICHIYAMI was in a way trained and tamed and is now helpful and worth having while I have a Lifeless MICHIYAMI lol
    Just a thought XD

    I vote DRAGON TYPE!!!
    Your getting there....
    Originally Posted by UNKNOWN92 View Post
    So OI I'm not fully understanding the hassle with this thing, will it not respond in battle or just ignore the commands? That would make it extremmly hard to deal with '

    Evolving this thing will be really hard it seems, maybe an exp. Item will be needed?
    Same as I told cutepichu, your getting there lol
    Originally Posted by Nytkoi View Post
    Wow POI, since I've been gone this game has improved to the millionth degree. Great work. I love the mapping.
    Thanx man! cant wait to see what you have in store for us!

    Alright sorry I missed yesterday folks, I was busy!
    But you vote and your wish is my command.

    The ROCK/DRAGON Type!
    Friendly but can have a Temper these guys will not dissapoint
    those that Love dragons! I can't tell you much Because Pikachu'500
    will Tell you all about him FRIDAY!!!!!


    One more because I failed you guys!

    The GROUND/ROCK Type!
    The evolved form of Teleoceras!(the one that was intresting enough for some of you guys lol). A Brute of an animal, and quite the angry one. They run in herds and are typically slow walkers but dont let that fool you! Its only to perserve energy, they are actually really fast. The Sharp horn that it has can rip things apart.
    Beware! They are very protective of their young!

    Whatcha think? Want a Teleoceras now?
    Questions?Comments!? Post them!

    VOTE!!!!!!!!!! lol