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I decided to take this challenge by choosing the steel type , so i began my adventure in a french pokemon silver rom , i'm now beyond the 4th gym so i advanced in this two days , anyways here is the report :

- I started the game and picked cyndaquil as my starter .
- i did the M.Pokemon task and beated the rival .
- I did the bellsprout tower and the gym with ease using my cyndaquil that evolved .
- I got HM FLash .
- i got The myster egg from Elm assistant .
( i know i can get an onix by trading an bellsprout in a house in the city , but i don't like traded pokemon's so early because of the desobeisance problem ; and actually i tested out this before this run but it didn't work very well )
- I passed to the route 32 and captured an onix in the union cave .
- Onix learned the tm37 .
- I did some training to onix in the route 32 .
- I placed Quilava in the pc and entered the union cave with onix and the mystery egg .
- I passed the rock cave with ease but i was beaten by the hiker's machoc outside the cave , first loss for onix , actually first loss at all .
- Onix is lvl 14 now and he learned rock throw , it will be useful agains't bugsy .
- The togepi egg hatched and went to the pc .
- I betead the team rocket grunts in the Slowpoke Well with ease using onix .
- I beated Bugsy and his trainers with ease using onix who is at lvl 19 now .
- I beated the hicker agains't who i lost last time haxxing his machop with onix's Mud-Slap .
- I finally beated the rival in azalea town after so many battles because of onix weakness again'st his croconaw by using a haxxing strategy that involved quilava .
- I got Cut and learned it to Quilava .
- After a lot of headbutting i finally caught a pineco .
- I finnaly arrived in goldenrod city and done the underground battles .
- I beated Withney and her trainers easily with onix lvl 24 ans pineco lvl 16 even if he didn't do anything in this battle.
- I participated and win a bug contest by capturing a female scyther and the reward was a sun stone .
- i captured a magnemite in route 38 .
- I battled the kimono girls .
- I beated Morty using Onix and Scyther.
- Togepi learned Flash.
- I caught a tauros and learned him Surf .
- i Went to mahogany town .
- I captured The red gyarados but i will not use it .
- I did partially the team rocket HQ and i finally found the tm46 thief that Cutter learned , now i can try to steal some metal coat from the wild magnemite's .
- After so many try's i finally found a magnemite with metal coat .
- by using TGB Dual i traded scyther with metal coat and got me a Scizor .
- I won the battle vs the rival in the burned tower .
- I passed the route 38 .
- I arrived in "olivine" where i got the HM strenght that i tought to toros .
- After so many research's i finnaly stoled another metal coat from a wild magnemite .
- I traded my onix with a metal coat using TGB Dual and got a steelix.

And here is my current team :
(Sorry i can't post photos becaus i don't have enough posts in the forum)
Cutter/Scizor (F) Lv 28
Attacks :
- Quick Attack
- False Swipe
- Fury Cutter
- Thief

Rocky/Steelix (F) Lv 30
Attacks :
- Headbutt
- Screech
- Mud-Slap
- Rock Throw

Sparky/Magnemite Lv 27
Attacks :
- Thunder Wave
- Thundershock
- Supersonic
- Sonicboom

Explouder/Pineco Lv 25 (M)
Attacks :
- Headbutt
- Sweet Scent
- Selfdestruct
- Take Down

I also made some videos for the important battles like vs the gym leaders and vs the rival , but i need some time with my crapy connexion to upload them
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