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    Okay guys, this is it, Pokemon Pyrite Demo 0.3a is finally out!

    Patch notes:

    - Pokemon Pyrite Client Patch Demo Version 0.3a (2010-07-30)

    The Coming of the Mask of Ice.

    The Mask of Ice has been finally come out of hiding and decided to attack the Northwestern Kyushu region. Silver must find him and stop his plans before they become out of control. He must first gain 5 badges.


    - Access to the town, Reidburne Haven, home to the fifth gym is now available. To get there, you must have surf from Telmora Hovel, and head head to Selentear, and travel east.

    - After you get five badges, talk to Lance to go to the Northwestern Kyushu region, to stop the Mask of Ice.

    -Improved the overall lookability of the ingame maps.

    User Interface

    - The player now has access to the Pokegear, which allows him/her to view the ingame map, listen to the music soundtrack, and call NPC's or recieve calls (not yet implemented).

    - Added new sprites, 80x80, in addition, I made it so that the sprites are animated in battle. (Think Platinum, HGSS)

    Bug Fixes

    - If you somehow die before you get to the Selentear Pokemon Center, you no longer will get put into an infinite loop at the healing computer.

    - Fixed all the bugs that people emailed me about (can't remember how many, )

    Known Issues

    - Currently the move, Knock Off, DESTROYS the item, rather than placing it in your bag. I'm working on this, but I can't seem to figure out how. For now, beware.

    - When fighting people with a mugshot intro, after the battle, their battle music continues for a split second. Shouldn't matter, just something that can't be helped.

    Download link available on front page.

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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