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    Originally Posted by Pandemonioum View Post
    How come Pikachu is weak as ****, sure it can defeat Regice (legendary with super good defences) but when it comes to ****** Infernape who fought 2 Pokémon before, it can't do ****.

    Ash's Pokémon are weak as hell even thought he has been through so much, Pikachu was like lvl 80 in Kanto when they determined it's level. Ash's should just quit, or evolve Pikachu against it's will, who cares what Pikachu want. (Ash!)
    You are scarry.
    You wouldn't care how your Pokemon feels and just force it to evolve?
    Wow man.
    Ask for the episode itself, its one of my favorites.
    I think I loved most of all, are the comparsions between Ash and Volkner.
    I just think they did a good job with that.
    And I loved how Ash wouldn't take the badge for free.
    I'm glad he learned from his mistakes in Kanto.
    Barry still has along way to go for that though, you can't always rush in through life and just take badges for free. You do that, you miss the battle experinces and how to do new things next time if you loose.
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