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    Originally Posted by G-Virus View Post
    @C101Yorkie: Oh hey, I already got my Pokes. I'm looking for other ones though, so just edit the list of the pokemon I want once I've found the others (if I can).
    Thanks for letting me know! Will do!

    pave low- Shiny EV'd Blissey, TRU Arceus and Goon Scizor

    Dedemaru: shiny Koffing and shiny swablu

    bubblehead- Death Mande's Gliscor lvl 100 male Skarmory lvl 100 female Blissey lvl 100 female

    itsangelduh-Scizor lvl 100 male Infernape lvl 100 male Swampert lvl 100 male

    yoz11- tru arceus, lvl 100 flygon, and the japanese movie deoxys Dragonite level 100 male Breloom lvl 100 female Slowking lvl 100 female

    shokotan pichu- Death Mande's Metagross lvl 100 Flygon lvl 100 male

    team sweeper- Tru Arceus, Death mandes metagross and shiny tentacruel

    gtbadboii93- deaths metagross

    mw24/7-Space Center Deoxys lvl 70 (BT) Sinjoh Ruins Dialga lvl 1 Shiny Larvitar lvl 1 female

    wiwerna- shiny female heatran, shiny female milotic and shiny larvitar

    dragonomega- yanmega

    sean777- Death Mande's Metagross lvl 100 10th Anniversary Espeon lvl 70 Shiny ditto

    eeohnex- Death Mande's Gliscor Lv. 100 Male Death Mande's Metagross Lv. 100 Genderless Death Mande's Empoleon Lv. 100 Male

    frank21- shiny Aerodactyl lvl 100 male My Mamoswine lvl 100 male shiney Charizard lvl 100 female

    omicron- nidoking lv. 100 male, breloom lv. 100 female, dusknoir lv. 100 male toxicroak lvl 100 male rotom lvl 100 aerodactyl lvl 100 male

    luigimario94- Shiny Swablu and Shiny Porygon

    feraligatr46- EV trained shiny lucario TRU arceus and the EV Trained shiny umbreon

    shinyespeon1798- 3 crown events

    ladygaga- Bronzong lvl 100 Yanmega lvl 100 male Death Mande's Gliscor lvl 100 male Skarmory lvl 100 female Magby lvl 1 UT with egg move Fire Blast Ditto lvl 38 Modest (Japanese)

    nostalgic- Ranger Manaphy lvl 1 TRU Arceus lvl 100 Poketopia Magmortar lvl 50 female

    riokura- Lv 100 Scizor[Adamant/Somewhat Vain] Alternative's Gyarados Skarmory Lv 100 [Impish/Somewhat Vain]

    father-nature- Aerodactyl lvl 100 shiny Thyplosion lvl 100 shiny Porygon Z lvl 100 shiny

    Jackethan- Shiny EV'd: Aerodactyl, Charizard, Dragonite

    neolink- New Moon Island Darkrai lvl 50 TRU Arceus lvl 100
    Sinjoh Ruins Dialga lvl 1

    fgd233- 2009 Video Game Championships Milotic lvl 50 male And 2 Mystery Eggs

    HeartGold FC: 0861 7541 0587

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