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Originally Posted by lalo0101 View Post
I'm not really a man for giving numerical ratings because honestly I never really valued my maps based upon the number that someone gave on their own little scale.

Anyway, I think this is actually a really nice little map. I absolutely love the little flowers you have and how well they pair with your other custom tiles (the sign, the trunk, etc.). The shape is also cool too; it's simplistic, which helps it cement the fact that it is an early route. From my untrained eye, it looks as though you've done the tree shading well enough too, although you probably shouldn't trust that as I am not the best at tree shading myself. The grass placement is incredible too. I mean, there's not much really that deters me from liking this map. The only thing that I might change if it were my own map would be that path on the right-hand side; it seems just a bit misplaced there. Maybe it should be shorter, or possibly a different shape... I dunno. I just think it would benefit a bit by taking up less room on that side. Of course, it still looks pretty good. :3