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    Meet the characters!

    Hero: You, the hero is the rarely heard about son/daughter of Lance the legendary Dragon trainer. There isn't much information available about this person sadly.

    Prof Ilk: Not his real name, but it's what he likes to go by. He is the most infamous professor in Naljo, and Very intelligent, but his social skills are lacking and has a very bad speak impediment. He believes this was caused because his mother was a microwave repair women while she was pregnant with him. He dedicates his life to proving the world wrong, since the world shunned him for his social problems.

    ???: A foul-mouthed mentally disturbed 12 year old boy who enjoys torturing Pokemon for his own amusement. Spent two years in juvenile hall because he enjoyed burning stuff to remind him of his recently passed away Charmander. Was forced into boy scouts by his parents to "keep him out of trouble", which is where he earned his infamous pocket knife. His pocket knife is his ultimate tool in making pet Pokemon suffer, whether it's cutting, stabbing skinning them. Whatever he can do, because since he can't enjoy a Pokemon pet, nobody else can.

    The Pallet Patrollers: Started out as a duo of kids bent on being superheroes after watching too much TV. They attempted to help people with their Pokemon, yet became the laughing stock since they only made matters worse. Years later, the duo decided it would be best to power up their Pokemon with "illegal supplements" and once they saw the opportunity to take over Team Rocket once Giovanni retired once again, they convinced the thugs to let them lead. It didn't last long though, they were quickly overthrown by the grunts who found them "unbelievably retarded". The rockets stole the patrollers Pokemon, and the duo decided recruit new members and form their own team, which took a while, and they plan on keeping their "evil legacy" going.

    The Scientist Union: All bent on finding out everything about Pokemon, at all costs. And I do mean, ALL COSTS. Whether it's disturbing the natural habitats of Pokemon or stealing Pokemon away from their family, or even surgery, they'll do it.