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Originally Posted by Frostbite View Post
Production on the hack has been going very steadily but Beta 2 will be released eventually, don't worry. I've just finished inserting the hero and heroine's sprites into the game.


Also, since people have been complaining on the difficulty of the 1st Gym, I decided to change Quinn's team around.

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I like the new sprites, I was kinda getting tired of the same ones from FR/LG

Originally Posted by Frostbite View Post
Update: Just finished scripting all of the events in Amethyst City and the sewer events with Team Tundra. All that's left is mapping and a tiny bit of scripting leading up to the 4th Gym and Beta 2 will be released.

Here's a screenshot of Amethyst's Gym. I'm very happy on how the layout came to turn out.

I'm glad too, I like these tiles a lot

Originally Posted by Frostbite View Post
Here are some screens of Hazel Town Pokémon Gym. This is the last Gym you'll be able to challenge in Beta 2. I'm not very happy with the tiles, so the Gym's appearance will differ a little from the playable beta.

Well I certainly like them, except the ladders though, they could be stairways or elevator lifts, just suggesting......
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