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Originally Posted by lalo0101 View Post

Map Name: Route 1

Map Game: Firered

Comments: its the first route so its meant to be kept simple.

I really like this map, especially the grass placement. The only things I can suggest are to change up the trees on the right, maybe throw in some smaller trees, I don't know, it just seems a little too straight to me. Also the top half of the path might look better if it was more curved. And maybe add in a curve on the right side of the cliff/ ledge. But overall I really like this map.

Rating: 9.5

Map Name: I don't know, just some random route
Game: Pokemon Firered
Comments: My first route, I think it turned out all right, but I feel like it's missing something. Also the very bottom of it got cut off, that's why it looks unfinished near the bottom.