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    Originally Posted by Cazzum View Post
    Not sure if this has been done before, what about themed triplets for a challenge? For example, you get to choose 3 pokemon, but they might have to behave in a similar way, or look similar. Few examples that come to mind could be say.. Rhydon, Tyranitar and Aggron, or Kabutops, Scyther and Scizor. The triplets have similar abilities and behave similarly, but there's still a good mix for move sets. Not sure if this would add a challenge, but it seems different to all the monotype teams or solo challenges, could be worth a try.
    You know? I don't think this has been done before. Sounds interesting, too, I'd do it.

    My turn. I suggested this for the get-together, wanted to see how many people would do it here. Would anyone be interested in a team-relay race? It's like this.

    1. Get in a team of three.
    2. The first person starts the game and plays through the first three gym leaders (unless we do Johto).
    3. The first person transfers the game to the second person, via e-mail, any instant messenger, or I'm sure you could just upload the file somewhere and they could download it.
    4. The second person beats gym leaders 4, 5, and 6, then sends it to teammate three.
    5. The third person finishes with gym 7, 8, and the Elite Four. Then, he screencaps the final time. Whichever team gets the fastest time wins!
    6. If we were doing Johto, it could either be: member one goes through gym 6, two goes through elite four and first three Kanto Gyms, and three goes through red, OR after 3 beats the elite four, he can transfer back to one and they could do it again with the Kanto Gyms.

    This would require more thinking on your feet, because not everyone plays Pokemon the same way, don't use the same HM Slaves, etc. What do you guys think? Would anyone do this?

    EDIT: OHHHHHHHH YEAH! I forgot. I started my No-Pokecenter-Run today. I'm recording this whole challenge. So there you go, Ace Dragonite, but I'm at least using Marts for now. I might do a no Center/ No Mart run after I get the no center part down.
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