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    So here's what I've been doing recently, all on Emerald:

    New textbox.

    Unfortunately I've decided to use the standard Emerald sprites in order to save space. Maybe someday in the future I'll use FR/LG sprites...

    But look on the bright side, I've finally figured out how to make the backsprite a different palette than the Trainer Card sprite!

    Here's the revision of the Pokemon Center. You can now view AND reset the clock at any Pokemon Center.

    The annoying old man will completely walk out of his way just to prevent you from going through.

    Some indoor tiles :D. (ignore the Wingull sprite)

    New PokeMart. It's similar to FR/LG, but now there's 2 clerks, and the sales method is now the same as D/P/Pt/HG/SS.

    I have FINALLY reached Route 2.

    Like I said, optional. Red/Green will always have the starter that's weak to yours.

    Blue, on the other hand, will always have the starter that's strong to yours.

    Wait... does this mean...


    That is all . Much closer to Beta 1 than any of my previous incarnations (ShadowAmethyst, Saga Adventure, bleh...)