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    Originally Posted by ChrisTom View Post
    I deeply thank you Coolboyman. I have been yearning to have a "Rebirth" for Pokemon Gold.

    Do you remember the first time you played Pokemon? I remember the excitement as I embarked on a journey with my Cyndaquil down New Bark Town, not knowing what was going to happen. The Gyms were completely unknown to me. I barely knew half of the Pokedex. Everything was a grand journey into an unknown world filled with Pokemon and Discovery.

    Usually you can only experience that once.

    But thanks to you CBM, I can experience that once more. The beeping 8-bit tunes that sound totally anew and the old melodies that take us to faraway places. The starter which will slowly become a companion. The rushing nostalgia that almost brings tears to my eyes every time I hear Azalea Town and National Park.

    And though you recieved harsh criticism, flamers, and spammers, you perservered. You were able to get past that. It seems like in the end (merely my hypothesis) that you were not making it for the Pokecommunity, your School, Money, or even a single user of the website. No, I believe you made it to make it. To simply feel that satisfaction of a conclusory accomplishment. And that is more amazing than making the game itself.

    Your series of games will go down in Pokemon's history as the ones that gave us hope. In midst of the 5th Generation's chaotic unscertainty, you have made a wonderful game which relies entirely on the Pokemon Gold format.

    CBM, you are giving several fans of the old games the beautiful gift of a rebirth.

    That is something few people can do, and I thank you for it.

    With all regards,

    I legit teared up man.

    Beautiful statement.
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