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    Ok once again I am stuck at deoxy's event(4th time now). I have used the version on post #4092 the last 2 times now which several ppl tell me is the correct one. I have NOT tried to continue from a previous save at any time. I have deleted the entire folder, re-downloaded & started from scratch 3 times in the last 2 days now. This is extremely frustrating esp given the grindy nature/low capture rates of this game. Story seems undeveloped/routes r samey imo(though I assume both get better further on). I'm not sold on the forcing trade evos too though the other feature like battling yourself sound cool.

    Found a couple bugs too: In any double battle once u defeat all of one the ppl's pokemon the last one will still show up on the battle screen despite being dead. Plus u can see through parts of the roof on some buildings. Also the walkthrough says u get brick break from the rock/steel gym but I always get focus punch. Anyway I guess I'll just stick with hacks for now. I dunno what else to try & I don't wanna start over/ask for saves. Too bad I liked the concepts/freedom these games could provide over them.
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