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    Originally Posted by Zeta Dimentio View Post
    Looks nice, man. Can't wait to see more. Was originally going to ask if that was the city to the right of Amplus, but I saw the map.

    Anyway, the small region thing would work. If about half the plot works there, then would you reuse locations? Whether or not you would, I feel that would be a bit more fitting for some reason.
    Thanks, Chapter 2 will be more open. Portals will open up all around the place allowing you to travel to the upper coding. There'll be a smaller second region (think- sevii islands) and you'll revisit previous locations that you didn't fully explore. or thats the plan.

    next update is all but finished. I'm just doing a final beta test. fixing any last minute bugs, I't should be released in the next few days.

    It's definetly a larger update than 0.21 -> 0.23. I might rename it to 0.25. It would better reflect the importance of the upgrade.

    next few days. not a long wait. :)
    Version 0.753 is out
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