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    Originally Posted by SephirothX View Post
    Ah! Perfect! When I left the scene two years ago, then started coming up with ideas recently, I was afraid there still wouldn't be any easy modifying of the breeding groups. YAAAAY!
    One question: Is it possible to make a single Pokémon evolve into one of two evolutions separately based on gender? In other words, say you've got one Pokémon that can be male OR female, and you want it to evolve into a male-only Pokémon at level 20 if it's male, and a DIFFERENT female-only Pokémon at 20 if it's female. Would that work? Or would it clash values and just evolve all of them to the top Pokémon in the chain?

    EDIT: Post 420! Yay!!!!!.....? Um, there are children here, I won't elaborate...
    Nope not that i know of with this tool. You would have to create a whole new pokemon with only one gender and evolve it that way i guess. Ie. have ralts|M| and ralts |F| which evolves into KIRLIA |M| or KIRLIA |F| and have KIRLIA |F| evolve into Gardevoir while KIRILIA |M| evolves into either Gardevoir or Gallade...complicated yes i know
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