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    ehm the tiles are from a fire red rom base, but i remixd the palettes about a bit and the houses are from an old rom base i had but its deleted now and sorry guys but until i have some descent overworlds in a unique style im afraid i cannot make any screens or videos of events or release a demo......

    p.s. the indoor house and lab tyles are from the same rom base as the houses...

    EDIT: Riolu is very weak, thanks for reminding me, so i am going to give him a complete upgrade, and if i can get a graphics inserter then ill give him knew attacks, and does anyone know how i can fix the pikachu picture problem???

    P.S.S. does anyone want to make me a banner??? it can have either mewtwo, celebi, mew ho-oh, lugia, entei,suicune or raikou on it....

    oh and i know people hate this but you are going to encounter a legendary pokemon i.e. Mewtwo quite early on in the game n order for the story to unfold because it is going to be quite a long game to play through sorry ;(
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