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    Originally Posted by >Feelings< View Post
    I wonder... Does the Pokemon League not require you to have at least six Pokemon for six on six match?
    Or could you enter the whole tournament with just one if you wanted?
    These questions were never answered in the anime canon, were they?
    With Gyms you must have more than 1 if it is 3 on 3 (or more). I would guess the same rule applies. If they did allow Takuto to enter with just 1 then it would be unfair. Think about it, if people were allowed to enter with only 1 or 2 then their opponents would have less pokemon to defeat while others have to go through 3 , 4, or 6. Even if they were really strong, it still isn't fair to everyone. But you're right, we don't know completely, but I would guess that it does apply.

    Originally Posted by chiefsfan212006 View Post
    Heracros wasn't in the opener.
    And Quilava was still presented as Cyndaquil and they changed that. The point is it is still highly unlikely Charizard will show in the Sinnoh League.
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