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Originally Posted by DuoRyan View Post
Map name: Guardian well [floor 1]
[meant to be easy looking and puzzle like]
hack Pokemon starlight
Rate 1-10

I understand that this map is supposed to be simple/easy to navigate, but I still think it's too basic/empty. The entrance (assuming it's on the left side) is way too straight, and there aren't any paths, or rocks in the way. Even for a simple cave, it should have a bit more variety imo. Really that's the only problem, aside from the high concentration of small rocks. Overall, not a bad job.


Originally Posted by QuilavaKing
Map Name: None as always.

Map Game: Emerald as always.

Comments: I actually am trying to capture a very specific emotion, that I felt quite often when I was younger, with this map. You know when you've just been through a big dungeon, and you finally find a little relief in a game, whether it be a town or just resting spot, you don't actually want to keep going, or at least that's the way it is for me. I've never liked the fighting/dungeons in most games, so I always used to just want to stay in a town between caves/dungeons, wishing there was more to do there etc. In this map you come in through the top right cave, and come out to half of the city, before being forced to go through the other cave, to reach the rest of it.

This is my first city map ever, and I wanted to do something new/interesting, and combine it with a route/the mountains. Unfortunately, that made the actual city part more or less impossible. So, I really don't know if that part came out ok or not. I didn't bother doing anything with the water since you only see a very tiny bit of it... and I'd already spent 2 weeks or so on this map. It's also my biggest map to date.

Comments: Reposting this map now that I've made some changes to it. I added flowers, and fixed a bunch of tile errors. (Somehow no one noticed either of those problems while rating it. lol) I also added some stuff in the water, just enough to make it less boring in game... it's difficult to decorate water when it serves no actual purpose.
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