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Hey there! I'm an oldbie Pokemon spriter recently lured back into the fandom. I mostly do scratch sprites now. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

The d(0w0)b emote means go for it! Sprites with this symbol next to them are free for public use (don't forget to credit me, though!) Anything else is off rimits!

See my sprites in action in Pokemon: The Tempest!

Latest update: 07/04/10: added two trainer sprites
07/02/10: added Lycao and moth backsprites

An unnamed moth-in-a-dress. Evolves into something that looks like a gijinka.
Lycao and Lycaon, the Painted Dog Pokemon. Based off of Fennec Foxes and African Wild Dogs. Considering making Lycaon's ears bigger.


If I were to make a ROM hack, I would create a chaotic, politically-incorrect mostrosity in which one catches Pokemon based off of Internet memes and fights the forces of Scientology. I'd then get promptly pwned by Anon for stealing their memes. These are a few sprites based off that premise.

Advice Puppy, Courage Wolf, Insanity Wolf. The dog cones they wear around their necks help to amplify the nonsensical advice they constantly shout at their trainers.

Orly and Yarly (the third form would be Nowai, of course.) The meme equivalent of a Pidgey line.

The terrifying Pikaman and Manchu. I yoinked a Pikachu head and a Machamp body to make these horrors.


A trainer wearing a poncho. My very first ever trainer sprite. Slightly yoinked a few R/S/E sprites to make it (hands and face are all that's left of the originals).

WIP of a playable trainer concept. The colors are still all over the place.

I just had to make a tribute to my favoritest Pokemon ever. Unfortunately, my animation makes Mew look like one of those neurotic moths that spin around and around in circles until it dies. But hey, at least it's cute.

The animation is made up of eight frames, like so:

A "catch 'em" sprites from R/S Pokemon Pinball, with text added. Bwa ha.

More stuff will be posted here whenever I feel like making it!
Much love, Danke

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