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Originally Posted by GFA View Post
That wasnt an insult ...

Anyway ... Yeah. Charizard maybe far away, but he's got a larger move-pool, which is reason enough for him to bring Charizard back
Charizard was not in the opener, he's very distant from Sinnoh, and Gliscor pretty much took the "returning" moment away. It's not impossible, but it's very unlikely that Charizard is going to make a return for this series to compete in the Sinnoh Conference. So, I'd just give it a rest for now as bringing it up every time isn't going to help much. If he comes back, then that's great you could go bouncing off the walls telling us "I told you so! I told you so!" but for right now there's no sign of him returning so just keep calm and keep watching.

Charizard is officially not Ash's only fully evolved Fire Type. Infernape has come about and it could change things. Seeing as how heavily focused Chimchar was throughout the show he could easily replace Charizard's return as well. So, again there wouldn't be much need for Charizard to appear this time.

Also, you seem to complain and shoot down every new thing that's been being released recently. From the Sinnoh League episodes, the new anime characters, to the new features and Pokémon in Black and White. Maybe you should try keeping an open mind every once in awhile and try to enjoy things. Don't knock it, till you've tried it.

It's okay to voice your opinion, but don't voice it to where you're simply bashing things down, and then when someone says you are, you come up and say you aren't. Clearly, you are. So, just calm down, voice your opinion to where it reaches its point but doesn't go beyond that, and maybe try to keep and open mind on things and just have fun. You're not working for Pokémon so don't try and change something that isn't going to happen. Be satisfied on what you get or just don't get it at all.

I don't mean to sound rude or direct, but I've been watching you for awhile now and it seemed you needed some kind of verbal warning somehow. I just want to help you stay out of trouble is all; if you can do that, please.
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