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I'll just give a brief run down on the past week or so:
-BOULDER evolved twice
-Beat Morty
-Caught a Female Corsola named CORAL
-Received a Female Shuckle named SHUCKIE from a trainer on Cianwood
-Beat Chuck
-Beat Jasmine
-Defeated the Red Gyarados
-Stopped the machine causing Magikarp to evolve
-Beat Pryce
-Liberated the Radio Tower
-Beat Clair
-Caught a Male Rhyhorn named PERIOR
-PERIOR evolved
-Got to the Elite Four
-Training against them to defeat them, yet made it to Karen's Last Pokémon before MIMIC was brought down

Current Team(Number after name=position in party):

Returning Members:
-ROCKY-2-♂-Lv.44-Earthquake/Slam/Iron Tail/Rock Throw-101/63/162/46/60/82
-PERIOR-6-♂-Lv.42-Stop/Fury Attack/Tail Whip/Horn Drill-146/133/123/48/48/56

New Members:
-MIMIC-3-♂-Lv.45-Rock Slide/Mimic/Strength/Faint Attack-140/115/132/47/79/45