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    My first ever scratched backsprites! The little moth was awful to get looking decent, and I'm not too happy with it even now. But Lycao turned out excellent in my opinion.


    Originally Posted by mulch_ar View Post
    Wow, you're really good. I really like your style of shading, especially on Lycao & Lycaon. Well, I suggest you to maybe change the name of Lycao/Lycaon, the names are too similar :D

    And I can't take my eyes off that spinning Mew Great work, keep 'em up!
    You're absolutely right, they are too similar. Those two names were just halfarsed off of the scientific name for the African Wild Dog so they'd have names. Gotta think of better ones...

    Originally Posted by Zephyr+ View Post
    Oh man oh man you are really good! What I wouldn't give to be able to sprite like that... The advice dog line is probably my favourite, although I can't stop staring at that Mew animation-- it's so smooth!

    Do you have a deviantart? I'd like to see more!
    Zephyr, thank you! I have a deviantart here, but it's years old and I have no sprite work on it. The only other sprites I have are ancient beasts that I'd rather leave dead.

    Originally Posted by Chibi Robo View Post
    Probably what I say is the best thing in the pixel art here is the lineart. Personally I believe you can add much more detail into the shading since pokemon style shading in my opinion quite basic. Try adding some fur textures onto those dog and bird sprites. As for the mew animation it is quite smooth, I love the expression and of course the lineart, now this Im going to make an exception for lack of texture since mew only has very small hair on its body.

    But anyways nice sprites I hope you can put that constructive criticism to work and pop out an even more gorgeous sprite.
    To be completely honest, I stick to the simplistic Pokemon spriting style because I really am not experienced with other styles of spriting. I like to hide in boxes where I know I'm good at something because new stuff is scary!

    But you're right, these could look a whole lot better if I branched out and tried new things. Your sprites are giving me a heckuva lotta inspiration. Thank you for the critique!
    Much love, Danke

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