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I noticed a small tile glitch that happens when you cut a tree:

But when the tree is not to the side and to the bottom of the cutting tree instead:

Just wanted to point that out, it's not a major glitch, but it's definetly one that needs fixed......

Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
And wtf is up with the time? Every 5 seconds the time randomly changes in huge intervals. Like, from 5:26 to 9:03 to 3:07. It's kinda annoying when suddenly it turns night time, and then it goes back to morning 5 seconds later, and then it's night again.
I know, it's like one second it's midday, then ten minutes later, BOOM! It's night!, about 20 entire "days" had passed by the time I reached the end of the beta......

Originally Posted by Coolboyman View Post
Time's sped up so people doing a playthrough won't spend the entire game on day or night. IIRC Minutes are now seconds, Hours are now minutes, etc.
Oh, I never noticed your post, but that's cool that you turned real time to generic RPG time, never noticed, I thought it was a glitch or something.......
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