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The Favorite Challenge
Welcome, bbys. I know, a little weird to see me running a challenge, but I saw a great suggestion in the CI&D thread and just had to make this thread. Credit to the challenge idea goes to Master Strife. So, let's get down to the rules, shall we? ;)

Before we get to that, you'll just have to do a little something. :> I suggest going to Serebii's Pokedex so you can see a list of Pokemon for each type. You will need to make a list of your favorite 6 Pokemon from each type, even the types you don't like. Have it typed up in Notepad or MS Word. You're not required to post this list, but if you really want to, please put it in spoiler tags. The reason for this is so people that have relatively weak favorites (Pikachu, Sunkern, Metapod...? XD) don't get completely screwed by the person assigned their team.

Once you make your list, then you're good to sign up. The next person to sign up will choose 6 types (so teams of 6 are required for this challenge). Let's say they pick Rock, Bug, Fire, Dragon, Dark, and Ghost. You would have to use your first fave rock, 2nd fave bug, 3rd fave fire, etc. Get me? ;)

Now with the technical stuff out of the way, here's the rules:

1. No cheating unless given permission (events or inability to trade).
2. Trading is allowed, including for eggs.
3. Please don't lie about your favorites in your list for those of you not posting it. If you have a team of Ho-oh, Deoxys, Heatran, etc., then I might have to assign you different types.
4. HM slaves are allowed.
5. Emulators are allowed.
6. This is for HGSS and DPPT since past generations may not include enough Pokemon to fill the 6 spots (such as Dragon types in gen I). Edit (12/6/10): Black and White ARE allowed to be used for this challenge now!
7. When signing up, if you have even one legendary in one of your top 6 for any type, you must say so.
8. If you do end up with any legendaries, it/they must stay 5 levels under your highest leveled Pokemon. Rotom is not considered a legendary in this case and Arceus is considered normal. Since Arceus is...well, Arceus, it must stay 10 levels under the highest on the team.
9. A Pokemon can be listed as a favorite for more than one type. (Rotom can be a favorite ghost and electric) However, this runs the risk of using two of the same Pokemon.
10. Challenge ends (for all) after defeating the E4. If you wanna continue with the rest of the game, feel free too. I just felt like HGSS had it more unfair since it's longer. Plus I don't like the Kanto part of the game, so for those like me...
11. If you end up with a Pokemon that's not fully evolved, you must keep it that way. That NFE Pokemon is what's in your favorites, not the evolution (in some cases).

I know this might all sound a little confusing, and I'm not the best at explaining, but I tried. XD If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Sign up format:
User: Sydian
Player: --- (I'll decide a name for him later)
Game: SoulSilver
This is optional. I will not be publicizing them. This was just an example for those that do choose to do so.

Legendaries in faves?: Yes (5)

Next challenger will assign me my types and then I'll know my team<3

Master Strife
Fire Wolf
Kanye West
Ian Watkins
Whoever else wants to join~

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