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    ...Congratulations. This is incredible. It is all I hoped it to be and then some.

    My progress is grinding before starting the 4th gym and all of it's sidequests. I love my team because I have never tried using some of the Pokemon on it:

    Ariados L23

    Larvitar L23 Everstoned

    Natu L23

    Totodile L23 Everstoned

    Quilava L24 Everstoned

    I have some things I would like to go over though:


    1. Is it possible to catch Pokemon is Laurel Forest at all? If not, this makes Trapinch impossible to catch much to my dismay.

    2. I think to improve gameplay you should change some of the odds of Mining. It cost me over 20,000 PK and more soft resets than I could count to get enough Coal for a Fossil Pokemon.

    3. There are several minor glitches and misdirection here and there with almost all activities. This isn't a bad thing in anyway (it's a hack, not a Holy Grail of gaming), but if you want this to be the best game possible it is neccessary to fix these problems. For example, I walked around Mound Cave for 30 minutes trying to find the 5th stick of Dynamite. I was almost positive the miner said 5, though I may be mistaken.

    4. Out of curiosity, is their still a shiny animation? I caught a purple Dratini and couldn't tell if it was shiny or if that was the sprite you picked.

    Things I Loved

    1. Laurel Forest. Despite the aforementioned complaint, it was one of the highlights of the game. I think it would be interesting to introduce "New Missions" as you continued through the game. E.G., after defeating Gym #5 you can go rescue Bellosom. Very fun and entertaining. Dissapointed I couldn't get Charmander though...

    2. The Fossil Revival Minigame. I really enjoyed this. It reminded me alot of a Minigame in Zoo Tycoon to get extinct animals. Do the panels change for different Fossil Pokemon?

    3. Perhaps my favorite detail of the game: The Orphanage. Just Lovely. The Music you chose was perfect. The concept was just awesome. The Points seemed really fair. I really loved that, because it is something true that most trainers don't realize. We take our Pokemon and if they don't work out just right, we toss them into the PC box where they live out the rest of their lives lonely. I was surprised when I didn't see this, so may I suggest putting in Cubone? It is literally "The Orphan" Pokemon. Maybe have it with some side plot upstairs?

    4. Shiny Ball. That is truly and Epic Win good sir. That's sort of what I want to catch Trapinch with BTW!

    There is much more I could say about all of these things, but I wish to stop here as to not seem pushy.

    Yes, KBM, Koolboyman, Coolboyman, and whatever your name really is. You have succeeded. This game has offered me the oppurtunity to plunge into an unknown world all over again. To listen to the 8-bit tunes that make me well up with Nostalgia, and bond with my not only my team, but my friends. I am very interested in what Naljo has to offer and cannot wait for more.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    With all regards,