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    Glad you're all liking it. Make me happy that all my hard work wasn't all for naught :)

    Now to tackle on some complains or things you didn't like. I like hearing constructive criticism so don't worry, it helps me get better.

    Originally Posted by ChrisTom View Post

    1. Is it possible to catch Pokemon is Laurel Forest at all? If not, this makes Trapinch impossible to catch much to my dismay.

    2. I think to improve gameplay you should change some of the odds of Mining. It cost me over 20,000 PK and more soft resets than I could count to get enough Coal for a Fossil Pokemon.

    3. There are several minor glitches and misdirection here and there with almost all activities. This isn't a bad thing in anyway (it's a hack, not a Holy Grail of gaming), but if you want this to be the best game possible it is neccessary to fix these problems. For example, I walked around Mound Cave for 30 minutes trying to find the 5th stick of Dynamite. I was almost positive the miner said 5, though I may be mistaken.

    4. Out of curiosity, is their still a shiny animation? I caught a purple Dratini and couldn't tell if it was shiny or if that was the sprite you picked.
    1. No, but you can get Trapinch later.
    2. It's supposed to be hard to get. If I made it easy then everyone would have fossils and extinct Pokemon.
    3. I've gotten reports from several people and I'm going to make a new version today repairing them. Believe me, 2 weeks ago there were a LOT more glitches but the testers helped me get rid of most of them. There's just a million things in Prism so please understand if I overlook some of them during the first release.
    4. The shiny animation should still be there, but I'll look into that later