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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post

    Map Name: Origin Well Third Floor
    Map Game: FireRed BPRE (Sienna)
    Credits: Kyledove
    Comments: The ladders were inserted incorrectly and I haven't got around to fixing them yet; there's also an event in the bottom right.
    Map Image:


    For this map(spoilered), my rating:

    Rating: 8/10
    Reason: The rocky wall and "puddle" (IDK wat it can be called) looks "natural". The tiles are perfect. I didn`t spot any errors in it. This dungeon is a bit challengeful, even more if darkness (need flash).
    Make the dungeon like a maze, making it more challengeful. IMO, The bottom-right corner`s stones can be removed. IDK what`s the "event" about but IMO it should be removed. The top-right corner should be expanded and add some more things.


    Now, my map (A Region Map)

    Map Image:

    Map Name: Unnamed
    Map Game: For Ruby/Emerald
    Comments: It`s storyline may be simple, just going round the map (you can see the formation of the routes). IDK if it can be used.

    Please give some comments, whether it should be used in my hack (still planning).